Project AX – Everyone is an animal in upcoming isometric online game

Another day, another new MMORPG revealed. Currently in development stage, Project AX is the maiden project from Ngine Studios, located in South Korea. In this game, players assume the roles of students from a beastmen school, trying to save the world from breaking apart.


There are currently 4 playable beastmen classes revealed (with 2 more teased in the trailers), each with a specific role. Each beastmen (or class) will have around 50 skills to learn, but only 10 skills can be equipped during each dungeon run. Oh yes, Project AX is primarily a dungeon-based game.

Project AX classes

Certain dungeons are designed specifically so that it cannot be soloed, for example a snow map where player’ health will degrade continuously. A part member must hold a heat emitting item to keep other party members warm (or keep them healed). Closed Beta is scheduled for mid-2014.