Dungeon & Fighter – Nexon reveals new female Knight class and more

Following MapleStory and Mabinogi Heroes, Nexon will also be granting Dungeon & Fighter its annual winter content update. Rather than introducing new advancements for existing classes, a brand new female Knight class was announced instead, coming January 2014.


Also revealed was the male Gunner class getting his 2nd class advancements after the upcoming winter one. That aside, the female Knight has 4 initial class advancements to choose from, namely the Elven Knight, Chaos, Dragon Knight and Paladin. Below is a brief description of each.


Elven Knight – Balanced in both attack and defense, said provide players with a better feel of combat compared to other classes. She reportedly rides a unicorn mount as well.

Chaos – Summons demons to do her bidding. The demons can be triggered to self-explode and cause AOE damage as well. All summoned demons are invincible.

Dragon Knight – 2 different modes, normal and mounted. Riding a Dragon, the Dragon Knight apparently has a different set of skills.

Paladin – Imbued with holy power, the Paladin plays a semi-support character in parties with her buffs, which also damages enemies.

Dungeon & Fighter - Knight class