MapleStory – 6th hero character to debut in massive You & I update

[Source] It is winter again, and MapleStory Korea (KMS) will once again get its massive annual content update. Titled as “You & I update”, a new 6th hero will appear, although it seems that he was wiped from the memories from the other hero characters, and found by natives of a strange land.

MapleStory - New hero MapleStory - New hero screenshot

Other than the new hero, there will be several enhancements and upgrades to the core game, which I feel are really awesome. Yes, some features might seem to arrive a little too late, but MapleStory itself has already survived “attacks” from many other supposed competition.

Elite Monster – If certain conditions are met, a regular monster will change into an Elite Monster! They will become bigger and stronger, but if you are able to defeat one, you’ll get very good rewards.

MapleStory Elite Monster

Elite Boss – Sometimes while hunting, an Elite Boss will appear! The field will change, leaving only the Elite Boss and Elite Monsters. Join together with the people around you to defeat it! It apparently drops some new and good items.

MapleStory Elite Boss

Rune System – Runes will appear from time to time in hunting grounds. If you enter a specified command, you can receive the effects of the rune which help you in hunting.

MapleStory Rune System

There are several more new stuff, so head on to the source for a better read. While I previously was guessing the pace of updates for MapleStory will slow down since MapleStory 2 was announced, it appears I am terribly wrong. Will MapleStory able to match Lineage, currently in its 15th year now?