Archlord – Game closure announced with sequel set for 2014 launch

[Source] Webzen recently announced the closure of Archlord on 1st January 2014, which was the English global server in the company’s game portal. First launching in August of 2009, the lack of new features and regular updates once again proved a game’s downfall.

Archlord characters

Webzen also stated that Archlord 2 is confirmed for a global English launch next year. However, the Korean server of Archlord 2 is full of complaints in forums and fansites. Webzen monetized the whole game by only allowing players who bought cash costumes to join guilds, party up and enter dungeons.

Archlord 2

Of course, given the public out roar, Webzen had no choice but to introduce a “free” costume to the game, where players can use points from the faction wars to purchase. After launching for just 1 month, Webzen was then forced to merge all 5 servers into 1, which just happened last month.

Archlord 6

The merger came mainly due to a lack of players pissed with the cash costume restriction, the unsolved bugs and errors (Windows 7 64-bit not playable), hacked accounts and no response when calling customer service. In the end, there wasn’t enough players for dungeons and faction wars.

Archlord 4