Arpiel – Closed Beta 2 announced for animal-themed online game

A few months after the first Closed Beta phase, publisher Nexon Korea announced Arpiel will enter Closed Beta 2 from 25 June to 28 June. The first title from developer Ngine Studio, Arpiel’s animal-theme exudes an aura which seems very similar to the beloved Trickster Online. The game should not be launching any time soon, since Nexon Korea would be very busy with MapleStory 2.

Arpiel Closed Beta 2

Unlike Trickster Online’s animals, based on the Chinese zodiac, Arpiel’s choices seems to be random. For Closed Beta 1, there were three characters – Mage Rabbit, Witch Snake, and Fighter Leopard. The content for Closed Beta 2 is still unknown, but the subsequent characters include Hunter Dog, Puppeteer Sheep, and Engineer Squirrel. A “Ninja Fox” is apparently in the works too.