Mobius Final Fantasy – Japan launch date revealed for new mobile RPG

Square Enix recently announced its latest mobile game, Mobius Final Fantasy, will be launching in Japan on 4 June for both iOS and Android devices. Development is led by famed producer, Yoshinori Kitase, who has worked on the Final Fantasy series since 1991. It was touted over 210,000 pre-registrations were received. The game is scheduled to launch in English in the near future.


In Mobius Final Fantasy (formerly Mevius Final Fantasy). players take on the role of Wal (default changeable name), who has woken up in a strange new world. Under the guidance of a mysterious female and supported by various characters, Wal is now on the path to seek answers. There are currently four jobs, including Hunter, Dark Knight, Thief and Black Mage, with more being prepared.

Mobius Final Fantasy - First 4 jobs