Nexon – Gaming giant acquires 100% stake in Korean developer

According to media outlets from South Korea, Nexon has acquired a 100% stake in domestic developer Ngine Studios. No financial numbers have been revealed for this deal. Established in 2011 with funding from Softbank Ventures and Neoplux, Ngine Studios currently only has one product, Arpiel, a PC MMORPG which is published by Nexon in South Korea. The game features a blend of action combat and a stable of animal-based classes.

While Arpiel certainly did not take the world by storm since launching in various parts of Asia, Nexon claims Ngine Studios’ main attraction is having its own in-house game engine and development tools which are capable of making games for PC and console platforms. These, together with an efficient development process, attracted Nexon to acquire the company. Ngine Studios has yet to reveal any new titles, so stay tuned for more updates.