Arpiel – Nexon Korea launching animal-themed action RPG next month

Developed by Ngine Studios and published in South Korea by Nexon, it was revealed Arpiel will enter Open Beta on 3 December. The playable characters/ classes are animal-themed, such as Mage Rabbit, Witch Snake, Fighter Leopard, Puppeteer Sheep, Engineer Squirrel, Hunter Dog, with more added in future. It really feels like a teenage version of Trickster Online, a beloved MMORPG back in the days.


According to the official description, “the powers of each animal can be harnessed using the Awakening System, and countless strategies can be made by mixing and matching such bestial powers with a wide selection of skills. Arpiel also offers many life-like activities that players can enjoy outside of combat, including cooking and tailoring.” No overseas publisher is currently announced.