Age of Wushu – Video preview of forced castration by Rootless Clan

Mentioned in my previous post, some reader were at disbelieve at how the Rootless Clan is able to forcefully castrate another male character in Age of Wushu. At a recent fan event in China, developer Snail Game had a demo of the system, which you can see below.


1. Obtain a special daily quest, which is only available to members of the Rootless Clan of certain fame (exact requirements not mentioned). The word “阉” will appear on the character’s head.

2. 5 of such players may now form a party.

3. Get into position, and activate the formation spell, Soul Breaking Formation (the bright insignia on the ground).

4. After the formation ends, 2 skills will now be enabled, 1 is to mark (show if he is suitable to be castrated) and the other to start the castration process.

5. The Rootless Clan members will then attack him, bringing the target to low health. Note that the target must be someone powerful as well, not just any newbie.

6. The castration process begins when the tent appears. It has a health bar of its own, and random NPCs (adjusted according to party strength) will try to save the victim, while the victim can seek help as well.

7. After around 2 minutes, the process will end. However, the success rate of castration is still considered low at this time. If it is unsuccessful, the victim will still sustain significant damage.

8. If the process went smoothly, the newly-castrated player will now receive an invitation to join the Rootless Clan.

9. Developer noted that this sort of ambush should happen at more secluded locations, rather than right outside town as shown in the demo as the tent can be destroyed by random players.

Rootless Clan Rootless Clan

The new factions/ clans and weather system (9 different ones) will be added next month into the China server, on 8th August. There are more to come, including school-less style of play (not affiliated to any schools/ clans).

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