Age of Wushu – A brief introduction to the unorthodox Rootless Clan

Mentioned in some earlier posts, Rootless Clan is 1 of the new special factions/ schools coming to Age of Wushu in China. Why “rootless”? Well, majority of the clan members are eunuchs serving in the palace, with a handful of retired powerful eunuchs and the rare ones still roaming outside the palace.

Rootless Clan

As you could have guessed, “rootless” really means they were castrated. First learning martial arts for self-protection, the skills now are mostly used to disturb people or attack them in the most embarrassing and awkard ways (low blow comes to mind).

Despised and ridiculed by the pugilist fraternity, the Rootless Clan stand by their creed and actions, causing them to be listed as 1 of the “evil” factions. The favored weapon is a normal sword, while its signature move is the famed Bixie Swordplay, derived from the Sunflower Manual.

Rootless Clan

There are 3 ways which players can enter the Rootless Clan:

1. An invitation will automatically be sent to male characters who trained the Sunflower Manual till level 25

2. After being forcefully castrated by the clan’s Soul Breaking Formation (read below), there will be a small chance of a male character getting a chance to join the clan. Talking to the appropriate NPC will complete the quest

3. Through rare miracle quests, players may obtain a recommendation staff to enter the clan (must be castrated first before joining)

Rootless Clan

The Rootless Clan NPC will require male characters to hand over their “precious” before finalizing the entrance procedure.

How do male characters get “forcefully castrated”? Well, targets can only be powerful players belonging to the very top tier. Members of the Rootless Clan can damage him till low health, and 5 of them can then begin the Soul Breaking Formation, which is used to castrate him.

Rootless Clan

This will last 2 minutes, and during this time, there will be random “good” NPCs appearing to save the male character from being castrated. I guess other players can help as well, though it wasn’t mentioned. That is all for now, I am too lazy to translate all other details ^__^

Rootless Clan

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