Mirror War – Exciting old school shooter signed for Indonesia

Perhaps 1 of the few games I really like based on just looking and researching about, Indonesia’s PT. KREON has been announced as the first company overseas to sign L&K Logic Korea’s Mirror War. An old school arcade shooter, the planes here are replaced by various classes, each with upgradable equipment and tons of skills to learn, just like any other MMORGPs out there.
Mirror War Indonesia signing ceremony
The maps will not be just straight-forward vertical ones, as some of them will be switched to diagonal or horizontal modes. There are apparently 3 factions, although only 2 are released. Each has 4 classes currently, each with 1 further advancement.

I personally see this game as a treasure, given that there is no mainstream MMO of the same genre after Valkyrie Sky died a few years back due to company’s mismanagement. Low system requirements, tons of fun and an easily recognized character progression system, I guess the only thing worrying English publishers will be the amount of revenue which can be milked.