Red Stone 2 – Quick look at mobile sequel to Red Stone Online

Announced in August last year, Korean studio L&K Logic canceled the development of Red Stone 2 for PC systems to concentrate on a mobile game of the same name. Red Stone Online, the prequel, was a sleeper hit PC MMORPG in several countries, but the rise of mobile games proved too much. Red Stone 2 was recently available on Google Play in South Korea, and MMO Culture went for a quick spin. We will not be giving any scores!

Similar to Red Stone Online, playable characters here can change to their alternate forms during battles. The gameplay is simple enough, with players controlling one main character and the other 2 controlled by AI. However, players cannot switch between them, which is such a shame. As usual, combat can go largely automated, including casting of all abilities.

There is a class advancement system for the playable characters, giving them a new look and unlocking 2 new skills. The raid feature allows the team of 3 to be expanded to 5, but it would mean players have to train a 2nd team before taking on this mode. I have yet to try PVP, given that I am more of a PVP carebear kind of player. Almost everything can be bought with real cash, including gears and gold, a very common feature these days.

Red Stone 2 screenshot 2