Red Stone 2 – Massive content update arrives for mobile action RPG

Red Stone 2 launched a couple of months ago on Google Play and the App Store, and publisher Ludic Games has announced a slew of content updates for this mobile RPG! Developed by Korean studio L&K, Red Stone 2 is the official sequel to the hit PC MMORPG, Red Stone Online, which has millions of fans worldwide through its many regional services. More info about the various updates added into Red Stone 2 can be found below. Players who aren’t able to access the official stores can also download the APK here to play on PC.

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Google Play

Details for Red Stone 2 September 2018 content update:

• SR -> SSR Companion Upgrades
• Upgradable SSR Gear Option Slots
• 7 New Collectible Companions
• 105 New Story Stages (Fully Voiced in Japanese)
• 1 New Infinite Tower Dungeon
• 2 New Daily Dungeon Stages
• 1 New Party Raid Dungeons
• 5 New Expedition Regions
• An Updated Guild War Territory Conquest Meta-Game