Outspark – One of the worst North America publishers closes all games

Yes, you read it right, Outspark is 1 of the worst North America publishers in my book, simply because of the game it signed after the success of Fiesta. Fiesta will now be shifted to Gamigo, which now services both North America and Europe players.
Fiesta transfers to Gamigo
It has always been about the quality of games for me, and no matter how you argue they are actually good, the fact is they are not earning enough to keep the organization afloat. First, Divine Souls. This supposedly next-generation action 3D game didn’t even launch in Korea, and Outspark took the chance to launch it first, with the game subsequently being closed down for re-development. The game has yet to launch in Korea after these few years.


Next, getting a lame title from China’s Shanda Games, Luvinia. I will mention this again, at this point of time, there are no client games worthy to get from China. Luvinia itself is sort of a joke to me, with outdated, uninspired features and music/ sounds ripped off from other games such as World of Warcraft. What made Outspark signed this crap game? Only the bosses know. Cheap licensing fee would be my guess.


The company went on to dabble in social games, Facebook games and more, without any success. Being harsh and rational, I do not feel sorry for the failure of Outspark, and my heart goes out to all the staff who tried their best to make the titles successful. For the ones who were involved in acquiring games, I pray to god you folks will not end up at another publisher.


  1. TBH Fiesta wasn’t any good either. I don’t think I’ve ever played a slower (in various meanings) point & click MMORPG.

    It’s looking like the early F2P publishers are starting to slowly die off now that the big MMOGs are going F2P.

  2. I agree about what you said concerning Outspark but i ve probably misunderstood this sentence “there are no client games worthy to get from China” as far as a MMORPG such as 9yin online (Age of Wushu/Wulin) is probably one of the best F2P i ve ever seen since the last 10 years. And as far as i know, Snailgame is a Chinese publisher.

    • There are tons of games which closed or switched business models even if there are players declaring they are “the best”. The jury is still out for AoW. How many level-less mainstream MMOs are currently succeeding in the market?

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