Outspark – Company yet to close down as management decides fate

As many of you would have read a couple of days back, Outspark’s biggest game, Fiesta, has been moved to Gamigo, which will now service both the North America and Europe players. While all of Outspark’s games have closed and the company’s websites are all down currently, CEO Philip Yun clarified the situation to Gamasutra.

Outspark CEO

Technically the company still exists, though between employee transitions to Gamingo and some necessary layoffs, it’s down to only a small core group deciding which direction the company will go.

Yun says that Outspark still has a few games — including an unannounced project — in its stable, which the remaining team and its board of directors are still deciding what to do with, whether that be moving forward with them and continuing operations at Outspark, or dissolving the company and selling (or perhaps canceling) them.