Dungeon Hero – Japan server begins Closed Beta signup

Japanese MMO portal, GameHeart, announced that signups for Closed Beta 1 will begin later today. Back in Korea, Dungeon Hero will be entering Alpha test 2 today as well. Developed by Eyasoft, of Luna Online and Legend of Edda fame, Dungeon Hero will focus mostly on defeating dungeons, while adding several PvP modes into the otherwise cute-looking game.


There are currently 3 classes announced, Swordman, Adventurer and Scholar. Each bass class will have 2 further class advancement stages, each with 2 different class to choose from.

Dungeon Hero classes

If you have played Luna Online, you will most probably be anticipating many more classes to be added in the future. The contract for the North American server has been signed, but the publisher has yet to be revealed.

Dungeon Hero Japan screenshot