Luna Plus – Improved version of anime MMORPG confirmed for Steam

[Source] Back in October, North American publisher Suba Games first acknowledged it is looking to revive Luna Plus, and even claimed “the developers have gone back and redone some of the game” due to players’ negative feedback. I am not sure if Eyasoft is still the developer, but I am all in for a global Steam launch. I used to be pretty mid-hardcore in Luna Online, so this is deifnitely good news.

Luna Online revival


    • So typical of faggots like you that run private servers to feel scared that a real company is getting something lol.

      • hey fk you ass hat, we make good money running private servers! at least we can run off with peoples money w/o feeling guilty :^) we don’t even have to come up with a reason! HA since people will just assume that our server was taken down due to copyright reasons 😀 users will believe any excuse we tell them, its the perfect setup we can host what we want when its popular, and can shut down and move to something else when it starts to decline that’s the beauty of it and dont cost much either, ppl want what they cant have so why let a company get their money when we can take it since so if you can’t handle it then get out of the kitchen 😉

          • well fktard i actually own 4 different private servers, and make bank rolls running them too 😉 i bet your ghetto never saw more than single digits hmm ;^) if you wanna make ur momma some money y not get a job like me

          • LOL r u srs? you must be pretty retarded if you think that LOL let me break it down for u little girl we dont go to jail or prison we just get a cease letter in the mail and have to comply by shuttin down r svrs thats all so we just ride it till the end and pump sales and get everyone to dish out moneyz then we shut it down, and guess what 😀 we start up a new server a month later under a diff name under a diff alias with diff content and noone knows better

            thanks for the laugh though 😉

          • Just ignore the Tard who can pretend to be whatever he wants on the interwebz after all it must be stressful running all these imaginary servers in his head, If he was really an owner or admin then why hide his name? So dumb. On another note I find it amazing that so many players that have been banned from every other luna server are here promoting this one, I guess this is the last resort for them, but they will be banned here as well because they have no respect or even a brain and the selfishness is epic, The point is you will not gain a good playerbase by letting a bunch of ignorant people that have cheated stole and exploited on every other server, promoting this one because the majority of luna players dont like people that have screwed players over. Thanx -real ex owner of a luna server Corpse-

  1. Anyways i guess i’ll overpower my laziness and write it again.
    What to say here let’s see..Suba Games at it’s finest, reviving old and ancient scrap games to try and squeeze some cash out of nostalgic fans, typical really.

    They don’t shy away from p2w and from exploiting old games that used to be heavy p2w oriented because nobody bothered to adjust them to todays standards..
    Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Screw you suba games.

  2. Wow Cinder, looks like whatever shitty server you host your site at totally did crash huh, and we lost all the messages from ago..

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