Luna Online – Fantasy MMORPG enters Open Beta under Playpark

[Play free now] Once the golden child of gamers throughout the world, Luna Online is back in Southeast Asia under Playpark! Open Beta has started, and the new Luna Online is being maintained by Korean developer Funtime Co.,Ltd. With over 40,000 players in the recent Closed Beta, new servers and resources have been prepared to welcome even more players into Blueland!


We recently held an interview with Playpark, and you can find out more details in this article. There are 3 main races to choose from, including Human, Elves, and Majin. Between them, there are over 100 advanced classes to choose from! Luna Online by Playpark is a revamped version of Luna Online, with various different features and settings compared to the old versions.

The reason for these changes is to ensure a healthy game balance as there will be new patches and expansions in the future. Other new features include Red vs Blue Camp system, Auto Hunt, WASD movement, PK Zone, new dance moves, BlueChip System (used to exchange items in the item mall) and so on. Yes, there will also be new classes added in the future expansions!

Luna Online is built as a community-driven game, hence the various social features are core to the overall gameplay. Players will receive tons of rewards by joining a family, taking photos to share with friends and many more! There are several events running now to celebrate the Open Beta phase of Luna Online, so get your friends and family to join you on an epic adventure now!