Luna M – We played 90 minutes so that you won’t have to

Luna Online is considered as a cult classic in many regions these days with its adorable design and multitude of races and classes. Personally, I played in the Singapore/ Malaysia server back in the days under publisher RunUp and was among the top mages (Gandalf was my IGN). First launched in South Korea in 2007 by original developer Eyasoft, the PC MMORPG has unfortunately declined and seen a couple of mobile renditions launched to little success. So imagine my joy when Luna M was announced, though by a little-known developer. If the template based on the original game was used, it would be a good start.

But of course almost nothing from the original Luna Online is found in Luna M, spare the races, costumes, and monster designs. The mobile MMORPG, which has launched in South Korea and set to debut in Thailand, is a sad excuse for a MMORPG. Pretty much similar to EOS Red (which I did not bother to cover), Luna M sent me through rounds of mindless monster grind without really introducing any core features in the first 90 minutes. Luna M is a pale shadow of what a MMORPG should be, even for mobile devices. This is most likely the final straw for the Luna IP. The game is not currently scheduled for an English launch.