Echo of Soul RED – Media event held in South Korea for upcoming mobile MMORPG

Korean developer Blue Potion Games held a media event earlier today for its upcoming mobile MMORPG, Echo of Soul RED, to formally introduce the title to the local media. First announced in April, the game is essentially based on the PC online game, Echo of Soul, which has seen success locally and some overseas territories. Taking place 50 years after the event of the original Echo of Soul, Blue Potion Games is focused on realizing the “fun” elements of MMORPG titles rather than re-creating Echo of Soul on mobile. We have briefly translated some key points recorded at the media event, so read on for more information!

• Officially known as EOS RED (rather than Echo of Soul RED), the mobile MMORPG is scheduled to launch in South Korea in the 3rd quarter this year with plans to then launch in Taiwan, China, and Japan. For other overseas regions, Blue Potion Games will partner with local publishers to launch the game, although there is no schedule announced for this.

• There are just 3 classes announced: Warrior, Archer, and Sorceress.

• While healing is not required in the PC version, Echo of Soul, EOS RED will rely more on a healing role which is fulfilled by 1 of the 3 classes, Sorceress.

• Gameplay in EOS RED is centered around “collaboration and competition.” Collaboration is represented by the co-op boss dungeons, while competition is represented by the PK system. Large-scale fights such as guild wars will fulfill both collaboration and competition.

• There will be open-world PK (player kill) available in all field maps, according to the development team. For hardcore PK players, there is Chaos Dungeon where items are dropped when characters die. There is also a bounty system to take revenge on the killers.

• Misc features such as pets and costumes will be in EOS RED as well.

• According to the FAQ session with the Blue Potion Games team, they want EOS RED to  be a “comfortable and easy-to-play game” rather than the complicated high-end mobile games being introduced rapidly by bigger companies.

• The reason for naming the game EOS RED is due to the PC version having a blue color hue, and the mobile version is slightly more hardcore with all the PVP, hence “RED” was chosen. There will be a version of EOS RED which is only for 18+ gamers as well. The auction house is apparently only available in this adult 18+ version of EOS RED.

• The main large-scale PVP mode allows up to 200 players on the same map.

• There is a party leader system where the leader can control the rest of the party members through commands. This system will be improvised throughout beta testing to make sure it works properly and prevent exploits.

• During the FAQ, it was revealed that EOS RED is developed using the Unity game engine.

• EOS RED can be played “steadily” with a Samsung Galaxy S5 system.

• Closed Beta testing for EOS RED takes place from June 26 to June 28.