Lime Odyssey – Korean server revives under new publisher

After going down since March this year, there hasn’t been news on Lime Odyssey for over 8 months. Earlier today, it was revealed that Lime Odyssey Korea will finally be revived, with the publisher being Daum Communications, 1 of the largest online portals in the country.

Closed Beta is scheduled for next month. It seems that the curse of the supposed “Ragnarok Online successors” is finally over, with Ragnarok Online 2 in commercial service as well after years of delay.

Lime Odyssey - Korea server revival

An interesting note, the developer is no longer being listed as Sirius Entertainment, but Cykan Entertainment, supposedly a development studio in Korea with no hit titles since it was formed years ago.

Perhaps the team from Sirius bought over the name for a fresh start. The North America server should kick back to life soon as well.