Luna Online: Reborn – Interview with new publisher and beta keys giveaway

A few months back, it was revealed Luna Online will once again descend upon the English gamers under publisher Suba Games. Re-named as Luna Online: Reborn, Closed Beta for this classic MMORPG will begin on 30 March (US timing) for everyone around the world (no IP block)! To celebrate this event, seen below is a beta key giveaway, followed by a brief interview with Suba Games.

Luna Online Reborn Beta Key poster


No keys left! Sorry.


Step 1

Obtain a BETA KEY.

Step 2
Visit and submit your BETA KEY (register for a Suba Games account if you do not have one)

Step 3
Download and install the game client. Closed Beta for Luna Online: Reborn starts on 30 March, 2016 (5:00PM EDT)

Q: Why did Suba Games pick up Luna Online, years after it closed down in the English market?

A: We decided to bring back Luna Online due to it being a very unique, One-Of-A-Kind, MMO which our fans have petitioned heavily for us to relaunch. We were moved by the community’s efforts and see tremendous opportunity to improve upon previous Luna Online’s.

Q: Is Eyasoft still working on the game? If not, which developer is now in charge of solving bugs and updating the new version?

A: Yes, Eyasoft is still the developers of Luna Online: Reborn. They will be working alongside us to make sure this Luna gets consistent updates and bug fixes. We have already started creating custom content never before seen in other iterations of Luna for our Kickstarter.

Q: Comparing with the last commercial version, Luna Plus, what improvements are there in Luna Online: Reborn?

A: Luna Online: Reborn’s plan was to take all the best parts of both Luna Plus and Luna Online (Pre-Plus) with none of the bad. We have also significantly improved the localization of the game, allowing our primarily English audiences to enjoy the game more than before.

Q: Are there any brand-new features? If so, please highlight a couple for us.

A: The main features we are introducing are Guild Halls, and a Faction system. The Guild Hall allows for guilds to construct a massive shared home, essentially, where guild members can meet and hang out. The Halls are also fully customizable.

The Faction system on the other hand, asks players to choose a faction on character creation, which allows them to PvP with players of opposing factions in various areas of the open world. Along with the 2 features mentioned prior, we are working on several new ones, and have many more ready as is for the players to experience for themselves.

Q: Where can interested gamers keep track on new announcements regarding Luna Online: Reborn?

A: Players can keep up to date on Luna Online: Reborn news at:

• Our Facebook page

• The Luna forums

• The Luna website itself.

Q: When can players expect the official launch to start?

A: Closed Beta will be starting as of March 30th. Any players who did not participate in the Closed Beta will be able to join the Open Beta approximately 1 month afterwards.

Q: Thanks for the interview! Any last shoutout to all former Luna Online fans out in the wild?

A: To all the followers of Luna, and the people who didn’t know about us before, we hope to see you all in the Closed and Open Beta, make sure to show your support for us at the Kickstarter and the Greenlight page, and have a great day to everyone at MMOCulture!

Luna Online Reborn poster


  1. i try to register and it says my email is already in use then i go to login and then it says i have the wrong password or login ID what do I do cause I cant even find customer support or anything to help me with this

  2. Looks like Suba continues on it’s quest to collect all the trashy anime games in one place. Heh.

    • I normally don’t reply here but I want to mention it’s important to consider what SubaGames has been doing. Most of the games they pick up were not shut down because they were “trash” but because of issues with the developers and/or publishers. Part of the reason people want them back isn’t purely nostalgia but because the games themselves offered something unique that you couldn’t find in other mmos.

      For example Lucent Hearts, honestly is a horrible gameplay experience, but what kept it alive was the social aspects, there were many events going on in the main town that were fun and exciting, you’d end up playing all day just for that and this kept the game alive until gamania shut down their NA/EU games after nexon’s attempted hostile takeover.

      For Luna Online, it is also one of the more memorable mmos due to its unique job system and cute characters along with actually being fun. Only thing that really killed this game was the Luna Plus update that many were dissapointed with along with other things that I can’t recall right now.

      For the first comment regarding the new Luna Moonlight bandits…trust me on this the game is going to crash and burn and won’t be worth your time. It’s too generic and outdated for a 2016 game and the combat is rather clunky, imstead of being a successor to Luna Online they have taken a step back, the new devs havs not done a good job from what I’ve seen.

      Well that’s all I wanted to say, I’ll be trying Luna Online again to see what they’ve improved on, it’s definitely not the best out there but better than most cookiecutter MMOs pumped out in years past.

      • “Unique” my ass haha, what’s unique? the grind? sure, the common uniqueness of aniMOO games. xD
        Lucent Heart had a decent start with suba sure.. but quickly died out, i think it was just as empty as it always was within the first month lol.
        Luna? dunno about it since i didn’t play it but lemme guess – for pedos and chibi fans yeah?

        Want me to let you in on a secret about another common characteristic of old-ish aniMOO games? It’s nutty p2w. Now correctly guess why Suba keeps popping up all those old-ish aniMOO games and get a cookie. xD

        • Ok, first of all. You didn’t get what I was trying to say at all. What I did was explain why they’re bringing these games back and stating why these games died in the first place. Since you don’t know any better because you have never played the game I wanted to leave something that would encourage some to give it a try first before judging a book for its cover.

          Regarding Lucent Hearts I never said these choices would succeed, I just gave you a realistic reason why they’re being picked back up. Essentially players wanted these games back because of nostalgia and subagames is taking advantage of this to milk players with what’s mostly sub-par games at the core that encourage high spending.

          I expected as much with Lucent Hearts dying so fast, doubted suba could pull off what gamania did considering the only good point the game had was because of the GMs efforts, as a mmorpg it was bad, because of the community, as a social game it was fun and reproducing that would be extremely difficult.

          Now for Luna Online, going off of memory, while its main selling point is the anime-style graphics, what many remember is its job advancement system. Rather than a linear path you could do things like advance from a wizard to a priest to a warlock, and many other combinations based on what skills you wanted in the end. Another nice part about it was that there is rush to cap. If you like this type of game then you’re going to enjoy the ride as much as the destination. It only shut down because of one idiotic update that killed the game, so it’s good to see it coming with previous issued fixed and. hopefully last longer than before.

          It’s really just a fun game, unique was probably too strong of a word but its differences were what made it enjoyable. Spent many hours playing compared to my time spent on other mmos. Sure there are “better” games out there design, and even gameplay wise but that doesn’t make them fun and they won’t fit everyone’s taste. This is a game missed by many that fit a specific niche you won’t get elsewhere, if its not your style then don’t play.

          To answer everything else, the game is indeed for people that like playing games with cute characters, not everyone wants to be some huge ugly dude with full body armor or play for the “plot”. Calling them pedos is a bit of stretch since that’s something else entirely.

          To say bluntly, yes, it is pay to win. If you plan on being the strongest player and faceroll over everything. There’s nothing forcing you to spend money to do well compared to some other more recent games where players can get locked out of content or spend over $50 just to be decent compared to everyone else. It’s not a bad game so those like games like luna, have at it. ovo/ those that don’t. just stay away please.

        • they pick this old game, cus they now the hype of this game before. huge community, huge player base, even on private servers etc..

          so, old players will comeback for celebrate their nostalgia.

          we know alot good game with anime base nowadays, but this game can fight Ragnarok Online before.

      • the first 2 to 3 months of luna plus where so glitchy the game was almost unplayable but what killed it was the “reestructuration” that happened in the developers company as all of their games got canceled in the west and east i believe. the dating system was rather cute too and made the game a lot more social too.

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