Age of Wushu – Official release delayed for over 6 months

Originally scheduled to be released later next month, Snail Games USA has now announced that Age of Wushu will launch next year, 3rd May 2013 instead. The Closed Beta phase is also delayed, with it now being separated into 2 dates. Below is the new schedule:
1. November 2012 – Closed Beta 1
2. December 2012 – Closed Beta 2
3. February 2013 – Head-start for Elite package buyers
4. May 2013 – Official game release
Update: Snail Games USA explains the reasons for delaying the game.

The schedule seems like the one used in China, with pre-purchasers given months of head-start time. I am not really sure if this will work in the Western territories, but we shall see. There is currently no news for the European server under gPotato, Age of Wulin. More information over at the official website.


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