Age of Wushu – Pre-purchasers of Elite Edition to enjoy head start

A little similar to Guild Wars 2, Age of Wushu will be handing a 1-week head start to players who purchase the Elite Edition (USD 9.99) of the game. Developed by Suzhou Snail Game and being published by its North American subsidiary, Snail Games USA, Age of Wushu is famous for its non-level system for characters, near zero fantasy elements and rock, scissors, paper tactical combat.

Also known as Age of Wulin for the Europe server under gPotato, Age of Wushu’s head start will begin on 11th October 2012, while the server will officially open on 18th October 2012. There are no character wipes as this is the launch phase. It seems Age of Wulin still does not have a date despite being announced earlier.


  1. I already made the pre-purchase and cant wait to play on oct 11th. Lets hope the game isnt grindy or cash shoppy.

  2. I noticed that. They put nothing into the cash shop that would appear to improve stats. A good portion of the cash shop is purely cosmetic. There are also mounts in there that maybe necessary for travel. But not necessary when it comes to pvp and instancing.

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