Project N – Debut game which is late for the party

[Source] The maiden title for upcoming Korea developer, Nflodsoft, Project N is yet another MMORPG crafted by Unreal Engine 3. Why is it late for the party? Well, the game looks and feel like a Free-to-Play version of TERA + Aion. Or the 2 game’s offspring.

Visually, it seems to be similar to TERA. Add in the aerial combat with giant, glowing wings, it seems to be like Aion. Add in siege wars, PvP, raids, generic classes, it makes me wonder what the MMO landscape will be like in 2014, its scheduled year of launch. Credits due, Project N looks amazing given the 8 months of time put into it so far.

A few years ago, I was thinking that Korea development will still lead China (in terms of creativity and game innovation) by far in the long run. But according to what I observed for the past year, I guess I should take back my words. Hopefully, Project N will be infused with more features before launch.

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