Blade & Soul II – NCsoft delays mobile MMORPG to 2019

During the quarterly financial call earlier today, NCsoft confirmed that Blade & Soul II will be delayed into 2019, with Lineage 2M possible launching first in the same year. First teased in November last year, Blade & Soul II was originally scheduled to launch this year as a mobile MMORPG, but management decided it did not meet expectations as a MMORPG title, hence the delay. Major redesigns and a new team were mentioned for the overhaul.

Also, Project TL is said to be on schedule, with internal assessment being very positive and the new team working together very well. The game itself was an overhaul from Lineage Eternal, and it is scheduled for Closed Beta in South Korea later this year. An official launch is “definitely” happening next year, claims NCsoft. The Korean developer is also not bothered by the surge of battle royale games, insisting it is focusing on MMORPG titles.