Project TL – First look at the rebirth of Lineage Eternal

As we reported a few months ago, Lineage Eternal has been put back into development after a new team took over the project. Now powered by Unreal Engine 4, it is currently known as Project TL, although NCsoft did acknowledge it is the latest game in the Lineage series. There is still an ambition to make Project TL suitable for gamepad controls (and consoles), with a Closed Beta scheduled for 2018. Don’t worry, the siege system stays!

Rather than seeing it as a rework of Lineage Eternal, NCsoft stressed that it is a totally new project as much of the game assets (including the game engine) have been replaced and development direction has changed. There is still a focus on environment destruction, realistic physics, dynamic weather, and terrain transformation. The multi-character system in Lineage Eternal has also been scrapped, with a more standard single-avatar MMORPG system implemented. There are currently 5 classes confirmed. Stay tuned for updates!