Heroes War: Counterattack – Global pre-registration begins for new Com2uS mobile game

Zombie infested turn-based mobile RPG, Heroes War: Counterattack, the latest mobile offering from publisher Com2uS, is now open for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and via email for iOS. Set in a post-apocalyptic world where an infectious disease, known as the Z Virus, has ravaged earth’s population; Heroes War: Counterattack features two warring factions, each with deep and detailed stories to pull players into their worlds.


Heroes War: Counterattack is set in a future where the deadly Z Virus has decimated the world population. A rag-tag group of mercenaries spared by the outbreak, known as the Survivors Union, are in constant conflict with the mutated Harz Alliance, infected but conscious humans gifted with superhuman abilities from the virus. Although these factions are at odds with one another, both must be combat-ready as the remaining infected populace will attack anything they see, no matter their allegiance. Humanity must live on!

Heroes War: Counterattack’s strategic turn-based gameplay includes endless amounts of PvE and PvP content. Players can also play solo in the game’s PvE modes which include:

● A 10 chapter story for each side, examining the lore behind the Survivors Union and the Harz Alliance. Each chapter has eight stages.

● Various unique dungeons where players can acquire playable Mercenaries to help fight in future battles

● Daily missions and training opportunities to allow players to hone their skills