Crucible – Amazon’s epic fail attempt at a team-based shooter has stopped development

After an epic failure of a launch, Amazon Game Studios recently announced it has stopped the development of Crucible, its team-based action shooter. Crucible is the second game to be closed by Amazon Game Studios following Breakaway, which did not even got a proper launch. From what we know, Crucible was in development for around 6 years, and the main reason for stopping is that they “didn’t see a healthy, sustainable future ahead.” Having experience working in development and publishing teams, it seems the people at Amazon are not really good at their monetization plans at all during the game’s conceptual phase.

As the official notice stated, team member will be moved to other projects, including the MMORPG New World. Seriously, we are absolutely sure it will be dead on arrival as well after 2 huge delays. Pardon us if we say this, New World is not the type of game which will turn a profit in the long run after sinking in tens of millions of dollars and hundreds of people working for over 5 years. Watch this space next year, and we shall see the truth.