4Story – Classic PC MMORPG announced by publisher Papaya Play

[Pre-register now] Games publisher Papaya Play announced that it is preparing for the 19 November launch of 4Story, the classic PC MMORPG developed by Korean studio Zemi Interactive. Do note that the Europe server is still under Gameforge. According to Papaya Play, the team is “working closely” with Zemi Interactive to launch 4Story with the latest content update available, which is 4Story: The Infinite Value. If you did not know, Papaya Play is the platform of Vertigo Games, publishing games such as BlackShot and Dekaron.

4Story is a free-to play 3D massive multiplayer online RPG, set in the fantastic world of Iberia, and filled with vibrant visuals and dynamic skills. Players have the choice of six character classes (Warrior, Ranger, Assassin, Mage, Priest and Summoner) and three playable races (Werebeast, Human and Elf). They must pledge themselves to one of the game’s three unique kingdoms as well. Whether theirs is a story of solo exploration, epic quests, or large-scale PvP battles, each player has the choice on how their story plays out.