Travia Returns – New action mobile game launches in North America

There aren’t many news for PC online games these few days, but on the other hand there are several new mobile games in the soft-launch phase preparing for a global launch. Travia Return, first revealed earlier this year, surprisingly has an English client available on Google Play, although it is only available in North America. It is developed by Zemi Interactive, the Korean studio which made 4Story.


Google Play



Based on the PC MMORPG Travia Online, Travia Returns is an action mobile RPG, similar to games such as HIT. There are several modes, including the basic “Explore” story mode, which unlocks others such as Conquest, Boss Raid, Arena, and more. Feudal War is a Guild vs Guild function to occupy territories, while Plunder War allows guilds to steal points from other guilds via attacking the base.