Travia Returns – Old-school MMORPG makes return on mobile devices

A classic MMORPG is set to be revived as Korean developer Zemi Interactive recently announced its new mobile game, Travia Returns. If you did not know, Zemi Interactive is the studio behind older PC online games such as 4Story and Travia Online (which became Erebus and spawned a sequel, Erebus 2). Travia Returns is a mobile MMORPG with both single-player story mode and also online mode.


The single player mode consists of 24 chapters and 288 stages, more than enough content for gamers. The online mode boasts features such as co-op boss raids, dungeon runs, PVP, and more. Zemi Interactive actually said Travia Returns is aimed at mature players between the ages of 30 to 40 and the Travia fans from the PC versions. Pre-registration for Travia Returns has started in South Korea.