Dungeon Fantasy – Quick look at new mobile exploration and adventure RPG

We are not really sure who is the developer of Dungeon Fantasy, but we are guessing it is an indie studio from Hong Kong, Will Digital Limited. Rather than follow the recent trend of mobile MMORPG genre, Dungeon Fantasy is infused with old-school adventure RPG traits focusing on exploration. Throughout our gameplay, we did not come across any multiplayer features (though you need to be online). There are no fancy graphics or cutscenes to boast about, but it is exactly these missing elements which make Dungeon Fantasy stands out.

The basics of Dungeon Fantasy is simple: build a team of unique characters and explore the maps for loots. Skills can only be learnt and upgraded when in the PVE maps, and will reset once out of them. Players will have to choose which skills to learn as well, perhaps adding a thing strategic element. There is a gacha system for new characters to recruit, but it is hardly game breaking in our opinion. We do love the simple card-based combat, with the simplicity kind of enduring. Dungeon Fantasy is only available in Traditional Chinese now.