Devil May Cry Mobile – Mobile action RPG gears up for Closed Beta 2 in China later this month

It has been some time since we talked about Devil May Cry Mobile, so here are some updates! Chinese developer Yunchang Game held its first Closed Beta test for Devil May Cry Mobile some weeks ago, and the second one is going to start later this month. In the first developer update video, the development team goes through what changes will be made based on feedback. We have quickly translated some of the details below, so read on!

Key changes from Closed Beta 1:

● Intensive screen vibration due to all the action combat was overboard for many testers. This caused testers to feel uncomfortable and missed out on chain combo attacks. While not specifically going into details, the development team has lowered the screen vibration intensity while maintaining the visual effects and controls.

● The skill tree system, applied in many action RPG games, was used in Closed Beta 1. However, after listening to feedback, the system was reverted to the classic skill upgrade system found in the original Devil May Cry games.

● Camera angles were bad during Closed Beta 1, with players unable to see their own characters especially when fighting against big-size bosses or when forced into a corner. According to the development team, the AI for camera tracing was improved.

● The function known as RG (Royalguard) is added, which is basically a counter-attack technique. You can read more about it in the link provided.

There are also a few more trailers released, highlighting Dante’s creation, the game’s first boss Phantom (that giant fire spider), and a new character, Frank. He is described as a “complicated” person whom clashes with Dante over different beliefs. But it was hinted that Frank is not necessarily an enemy… Stay tuned for more Devil May Cry Mobile updates!