Mabinogi Mobile – Nexon announces new studio to continue game’s development

Mabinogi Mobile was first announced in late 2017 by Nexon but since G-Star 2018, details about the highly-anticipated game have been scarce. Today, Nexon revealed that it plans to establish two joint ventures with Wonder Holdings. Both companies will have a 50% stake each in the new joint ventures which will dedicate to further developing Mabinogi Mobile and KartRider: Drift. You can learn more about Wonder Holdings in this previous article.

Dong Gun Kim, executive producer of the devCAT Studio responsible for the Mabinogi series, and Hoon Park, executive director of the development organization of KartRider, will serve as CEOs of the respective new joint ventures. Min Hur, the CEO of Wonder Holdings, has been appointed executive producer of both projects. The teams developing Mabinogi Mobile and the KartRider series at Nexon Korea will be transferred to the new corporations.

The independent development entities will focus on the successful development and launches of Mabinogi Mobile and KartRider: Drift. Mabinogi Mobile is based on Mabinogi, the beloved national online game in Korea launched in 2004. The new title will deliver a fantasy lifestyle experience based on content and structures from the original game, such as campfires, support of a thriving player community, and musical performances. It is set to launch in 2021. Stay tuned for more news about Mabinogi Mobile in the coming months!