Nexon – Gaming giant makes strategic investment in Wonder Holdings

Despite the recent internal turmoil over at Nexon, business still goes on with no solution announced by the gaming giant on the treatment of its employees. Nexon today announced it has made a “strategic investment” in a little-known company called Wonder Holdings. Founded in 2009, Wonder Holdings has 3 subsidiaries, including a successful e-commerce platform known as Wemakeprice, and 2 game studios A.Storm and Wonder People. In case you are wondering, A.Storm was founded by the creator of Dungeon & Fighter Online, Yoon Jong Kim, and launched an unsuccessful MMORPG titled HeroWarz in Korea and worldwide.

In another twist of event, Wonder Holdings was actually founded by Min Hur, the original founder and CEO of development studio Neople. If you did not know, Min Hur cashed out to Nexon in 2011. You can read more about his short-lived baseball pitching career here. Nexon claimed that the investment makes sense as Wonder Holdings have made “great achievements” in games and e-commerce, areas which are in-line with the giant’s pursuit.

According to the official press release, Nexon Korea will support the game development and live operations of Wonder People and A Storm; Min Hur will participate in Nexon’s game development in Korea as an external advisor. The strategic investment will promote growth for both Nexon Korea and Wonder Holdings. No financial value was made public by Nexon.