ODIN: Valhalla Rising – First 4 classes announced for Unreal Engine 4 mobile MMORPG

When the game was first announced as Project Odin, the trailer took everyone by surprised with its vision and design style. Today, new Korean developer Lionheart Studio not only confirmed an official game title, ODIN: Valhalla Rising, but also previewed the first 4 playable classes. They are very familiar staples of the MMORPG genre, including Warrior, Sorceress, Priest, and Rogue. Without much explanation, I am guessing readers know what roles they have in combat. ODIN: Valhalla Rising is scheduled to launch within the year.

Other features touted so far are a large, massive open world with no loading, various types of instanced dungeons, and large-scale PVP content. To be a truly “next-generation” game, ODIN: Valhalla Rising will also have features such as scaling cliffs and buildings, swimming, with ground and aerial mounts too. And how could we forget about all the Norse mythology elements. Motion capture is used as well to bring in-game characters to life. Stay tuned!