TERA Hero – Quick look at new mobile RPG based on popular PC MMORPG

TERA Hero is a new mobile RPG which launched in South Korea a couple of days back, and we decided to give it a quick tour. Based on the popular TERA MMORPG, this title is crafted by Red Sahara Studio using Unreal Engine 4. Rather than being another mobile MMORPG, players in TERA Hero form teams of 3 characters/ heroes for combat. This character system is new, and does not have a gacha system for it as new ones are unlocked as gameplay rewards. There are stats bonuses to be unlocked when certain heroes are made available.

Note: Unreal Engine 4 titles do not work very well with emulators, hence the graphics you see here does not represent the experience when being played on an actual mobile device.

Our main complain is that just having 3 heroes in a team seems not to provide the combat satisfaction or feel-good factor we yearn. As you would have expected, battles are mostly automated, but the AI does not work really well when it comes to casting skills, especially heals. We found ourselves having to manually cast healing spells most of the time to keep the team alive. Kakao Games, current publisher of Black Desert Online in the western market, actually has the global rights for TERA Hero. Stay tuned for more related updates!