KRAFTON – PUBG Corp CEO appointed as parent company CEO in new dual role

Through a recent internal email, South Korean game company KRAFTON announced that Kim Changhan, the CEO of PUBG Corporation, will takeover the position of KRAFTON’s CEO. If you did not know, KRAFTON is the parent company overseeing a number of studios which include Bluehole (TERA), Red Sahara (TERA Hero), Delusion (Castle Burn) and of course, PUBG Corporation (PUBG). Kim Changhan was part of the founding team which built PUBG from the ground up into the giant it is today. He will hold a dual-CEO role, which really says how much the shareholders and executives value his impressive contributions thus far.

Other than continuing to expand the PUBG IP worldwide, it is said that a tough task is awaiting Kim Changhan – the struggling development of Ascent: Infinite Realm (A:IR). There has been little news about the ambitious MMORPG for months now, and though not announced, it seems the tite is now going through development hell. According to reports, the appointment of Kim Changhan as KRAFTON’s CEO is also due to a possible upcoming IPO (stock market listing), since he was very influential and well-known for his PUBG work.