Krafton – TERA developer confirms new parent company in shareholders meeting

South Korean developer Bluehole held an extraordinary general meeting (EGM) earlier today and revealed its plans to rename the company to Krafton. The name first came about just recently, as Bluehole introduced the KRAFTON Game Union brand which gathers all its subsidiaries under one roof to share resources and expertise in game development. However, ongoing projects such as TERA and Ascent: Infinite Realm will continue to use the Bluehole name moving forward, as Bluehole will now be considered as a subsidiary as well.

Studios under Krafton include Red Sahara Studio, PUBG Corp, PNIX Games, Bluehole Squall, En Masse Entertainment (North America subsidiary), Delusion Studio, and the previously mentioned Bluehole. Leadership of each studio is still independent, with Krafton acting in a support role. The renaming has already started, and Krafton aims to enhance brand competitiveness in the global market and attract more partners in the future.