KartRider Rush+ – Nexon announces new mobile kart racing game

Prepare to start your engines! Nexon today announced its new Free-to-Play kart racing mobile game, KartRider Rush+, coming later this year to iOS and Android worldwide. Based on the immensely popular KartRider franchise (especially in Asia), KartRider Rush+ is the most expansive kart racing game on mobile delivering thrill racing game modes for racers of all levels. Featuring familiar faces such as Dao and Bazzi, KartRider Rush+ has a variety of game modes, including an immersive Story Mode unique to the KartRider franchise.

Whether racing solo or among friends, KartRider Rush+ offers diverse gameplay modes such as an Arcade Mode and Speed Race giving all types of racers something to enjoy. With dozens of karts and tracks to choose from, players from all walks of life can individualize their experiences with extensive customization options for characters, such as outfits and accessories even personalizing their karts with decals, plates and many more elements.

Drivers will also be able to maximize social interaction in KartRider Rush+, playing competitive matches in real-time with friends, visiting in-game homes, and joining forces with players from around the world by creating clubs. KartRider Rush+ will be available globally in multiple languages including English, Korean, Thai, and Traditional Chinese. Stay tuned for any beta or launch dates! Also, don’t forget that a PC and console cross-platform version known as KartRider: Drift is also being prepared. 2020 is the year of KartRider!