Genshin Impact – Closed Beta date for PC and mobile platforms announced

[Game website] Global games developer & publisher miHoYo released a new gameplay video today, showcasing a new realm in their latest title – Genshin Impact. Offering an in-depth look into the realm of Liyue and its features, the journey in Teyvat continues to unfold. Genshin Impact will officially open its next Closed Beta Test on March 19, 2020.

Genshin Impact is an open-world action-RPG title, set in the fantasy continent of Teyvat, a lively world of massive freedom, offering engaging stories, multiple characters with distinct personalities, elemental skills and talents, and realms with their own unique charms.

Taking the role of a mysterious and enigmatic “Traveler”, players would set off to find their lost sibling and ultimately, unravel the mysteries surrounding themselves and those of the world. In the latest gameplay video, Amber embarks on a whole new adventure across Teyvat. Liyue, the recently revealed Eastern realm of Geo, is blessed with lofty peaks, verdant hills, bountiful mines and among them, the prosperous city of Liyue Harbor.

New types of enemy are also making an appearance, offering increasingly challenging battle scenarios. With a new storyline, Liyue provides an immersive experience, of content-rich exploration, new characters, intriguing quests and more. Featuring two gorgeous and diverse cities – Mondstadt and Liyue – and adventures within them, Genshin Impact will land on PC, iOS and Android on March 19, 2020 for its next round of Closed Beta Test!