Idle Dragonica – Quick look at test version of new Chinese idle mobile game

Chinese developer The Dream recently launched a new mobile game into Closed Beta, and it is an idle RPG based on the once-popular PC MMORPG, Dragonica (or Dragon Saga). We shall refer to the game as Idle Dragonica since there is no official title yet. If you did not know, The Dream is one of the co-developers of the hit mobile MMORPG, Ragnarok Online: Eternal Love. In fact, the studio has since worked on various Ragnarok Online mobile titles not available outside of China yet. We are guessing the Dragonica IP is now under Gravity. We took a dive into Idle Dragonica to find out if it is any good. Gameplay video seen below!

The first thing which struck us was the viewing mode, since most idle mobile titles these days are in the vertical perspective. Players will get to choose their own starting main class, and subsequently fill up their teams with different characters by gacha-ing them. While there are no rarity grades (UR, SR, SSR etc), players still need to gacha for shards to upgrade them. Also, the main character cannot be removed from any teams and becomes stronger through class advancement. We are not sure if Idle Dragonica is the game which Dragonica fans are looking for, since the original really demanded hefty manual controls.