XLGAMES – Kakao Games acquires majority share of ArcheAge developer

Korean media and entertainment giant Kakao Games recently announced it has acquired a 53% controlling stake in XLGAMES, developer of games such as ArcheAge and more recently, Moonlight Sculptor. Kakao Games will now have a strong game studio and new IPs added to its growing games portfolio. With more resources at its disposal, XLGAMES aims to concentrate more on the development side of things for both PC and mobile platforms.

Both companies have previously worked together, including ArcheAge Walk and Kakao Games publishing Moonlight Sculptor in South Korea. XLGAMES founder Jake Song, a man credited for games such as Lineage, remains at the helm to lead the mid-size studio. Kakao Games already has a Western prescence as it is the publisher of Black Desert Online. If the Korean news are correct, Moonlight Sculptor is now being prepared for a global launch.