ArcheAge Walk – Kakao Games announce new location-based mobile game

Honestly, I thought it was satire news when I first read it, but came it came to my realization a few moments later that this is actually a real thing. Kakao Games today announced that its subsidiary, Life MMO Corp, has signed a contract with XLGAMES to license the ArchAge IP to develop a new location-based game, ArcheAge Walk. If you did not know, Kakao Games is now a stable partner of XLGAMES, having made a significant financial investment in the development of the new mobile MMORPG, Moonlight Sculptor.

To make things clear, development will primarily be done by Life MMO Corp, not XLGAMES. Kakao Games stated that ArcheAge is not just about combat, but also features such as housing and vehicles which can make up its own world. Combined with real-life location-based elements, the team at Life MMO Corp felt that there is space for a successful game. Life MMO Corp itself is a new subsidiary established this March by Kakao Games, with an aim to provide a variety of new content that fuses game elements such as competitive fun, rewards, and sense of achievement through location-based service technology. Stay tuned!