Lucid Adventure – Extravagant and colorful mobile RPG launches worldwide

Korean developer Super Planet recently announced the global launch of its new mobile title, Lucid Adventure, on both Google Play and the App Store. Lucid Adventure is a 2D action RPG that anyone can easily play and also can experience its great adventure with attractive heroes. The game’s key system is to strategically form up a party with 4 characters, then battle against incoming monster waves and complete the story quests. Other than stories, there are other modes such as Nightmare Invasion, PvP Arena, Dungeons, Relics and more.

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Incredible Adventure and Universe!

One day, ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’, the former #1 Ranker of Lucid Adventure, gets his level and stats reset by mysterious ambush. Make party of your own with 4 heroes, help ‘Hardcore Leveling Warrior’ and redeem his honor. Find out the conspiracy of Nightmares and save ‘Lucid Adventure’. This world is depending on you.

Become a World #1 Ranker, PvP Arena!

Challenge other players in the world! You need to setup 2 groups strategically for attack and defend purpose in arena.. The strategy you form up the party directly affects your ranking. Whoever grabs the first place of the season will be listed on “the Hall of Fame” globally. Become a legend and make your name to be remembered forever.

Here Comes the Supporters!

Set heroes that are not in the main party as the supporters! Maximum 6 supporters are allowed to be set as the supporters and they supply additional status points to the main party. Supporters cause great influences during the battle so don’t forget to level them up!

For those of who are tired of playing alone!

If you are looking for someone to play with until the end of the game, Guild is the perfect system for you. Collect APs(Resources in Lucid Adventure) through ‘Campfire System’ with guild members. Enjoy chatting and sharing the adventure experiences with them.

Nya Ni Nya! Here’s Our Tribute!

“Hohoians” will present tribute to you. They will work for you 24 hours even if you are not playing the game. Tribute includes golds, enchant scrolls and relic pieces. Relic pieces are used to upgrade Relics and it is especially useful to the players. So don’t forget to be thankful and collect whenever it is ready!