TERA Hero – Korean launch date and official trailers revealed

Originally known as TERA Frontier during its 3-year development phase, the first trailers for TERA Hero was officially revealed earlier today. Created by Red Sahara Studio, a subsidiary of Krafton (owner of TERA IP), TERA Hero is an Unreal Engine 4 action MMORPG which takes place in a world parallel to that of the original TERA on PC. Other than the slightly different story, TERA Hero retains and even enhanced the original game’s combat (such as back attacks dealing more damage) and graphics. Seen below is the official game trailer!

TERA Hero launches in South Korea on 5 March with “18 different characters,” thought the official website has yet to actually introduce them. Players unlock them through story gameplay, not gacha. In the gameplay trailer below, you get to see actual PVP, PVE, and boss raid footage. The development team stressed that TERA Hero is made based on a 3-character party experience for both PVE and PVP. It has not been confirmed that TERA Hero will launch overseas, but I will not bet against it happening down the road. Stay tuned!