Project MX – New waifu mobile game for Japan and South Korea announced by NAT Games

NAT Games, the subsidiary of Nexon Korea which previously made titles such as HIT, Overhit and V4, today announced its latest mobile title, Project MX. Tackling the anime subculture, Project MX will be published by Yostar in Japan and South Korea by Nexon. Yostar has been on a rise in recent months, having launched Arknights globally and also operating Azur Lane in Japan. According to the official description, Project MX will see various collectible girl characters from different institutions battling in 3D tactical combat.

Project MX is being led by Yongha Kim, who previously had experience with such anime style of games when working on Qurare: Magic Library. In the meantime, it was confirmed that NAT Games is now also developing a mobile MMORPG based on HIT, and a new action game for console and PC. Stay tuned for more updates on Project MX and the other titles!