Rise of Nowlin – Bloody Valentine update goes live with appearance of unique mount Fenrir

No more happy Valentine’s Day! It’s all going to be a bloody celebration here..are you ready? Right after the Grand Launching of Rise of Nowlin in Indonesia by Dunia Games, players in this epic mobile MMORPG are now presented with an update that will ultimately change the peace in Vow City and its surroundings. It’s going to be darker than usual for the players from Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, and Vietnam!

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Bloody Valentine Update changes

● Three types of Signet (Thorn, Wither, Silence) will get new status effects, which gives a significant impact on melee characters.

● Several Boss monsters are getting buff damage and stats. They are Soul Stealer, Eight-Eye, Saint Spirit, Lake Overlord, and Hand of Loran.

● There are some adjustments to rewards from some events.

● Also, the presence of the latest rare mount, Fenrir “The Heartbreak Wolf”

So, did you wonder why it was given the nickname “The Heartbreak Wolf”? Here’s the true story behind its rise …

Once upon a time, all the hero classes in Rise of Nowlin had partners, namely male and female characters. But there is only one gender remains for the Priest role hero now. It was a story of a male Priest who was very handsome and had a crush on a Priest who looked like an angel. After approaching for quite some time, the man ventured himself to propose her. He also decided that the celebration of Valentine’s Day would be the perfect time to do it, and hopes that the day of love can give him a better prospect to be accepted…

Unfortunately, all of his sacrifice and love turned out to be ignored and even rejected by the female Priest, who had already fallen in love with another male Priest. Deeply disappointed and feeling betrayed, the sad Priest then withdrew in a remote area of Cursed Forest, until he committed suicide because of his depression.

All the misery and bitter love stories that were so painful till he died had made the spirits of the Cursed Forest felt sorry for the male Priest. They began to circle the corpse just like a whirlwind as the ritual to revive someone. However, the Priest was stuck in the form of a bloodthirsty wolf monster that holds a grudge against all priests in the world of Nowlin!

Fenrir was thus born, also widely known as “The Heartbreak Wolf”, a bloodthirsty predator who appears on Valentine’s Day to ruin the day of love! Face his eternal wrath right now!

Only selected Legends can tame Fenrir, and ride it in the fantasy world of Rise of Nowlin! Playerscan only have one chance to obtain this rare mount on February 21, 2020. Log in to the game, and take a bloody ride on “The Heartbreak Wolf” experience on the chosen date!