Bless Mobile – Development team gives more details at media conference

Games publisher Joy City and developer ThinkFun today held a media conference to showcase their new mobile MMORPG, Bless Mobile. Based on the unpopular PC MMORPG, Bless Online from Neowiz, it is set to have its Closed Beta on 20 March, though with no actual launch date confirmed. Of course, one of the main taglines for Bless Mobile is “next generation MMORPG” which is more “advanced” that other titles in the same genre. The features developed are also to stand out of the current saturated mobile gaming market.

● Bless Mobile will launch with 4 races, each having 5 classes.

● Each class has its own Guardian God, where the players transform into a powerful being temporarily when the requirements are met. Something like a berserker mode I guess.

● Other than graphical resources, everything for Bless Mobile is built from the ground up to differentiate from the original PC game.

● Other than the traditional character customizing function, Bless Mobile introduces a system known as where players can create a new character with just one finger by using the game’s “Morphing” technology. Simply by using a finger to drag, players can change the appearances. Is it really groundbreaking though? Hmn…

● Exploration is a new gameplay feature where players can discover hidden elements on the massive open world maps.

● Some boss fights are not just simply shredding their HP to zero, as players will need to team up and work with environmental elements to boost the slay rate. For example, there is a boss fight where players must split up to attack them at the same time for maximum effect instead on focusing on one first.

● Guild is the next core feature of Bless Mobile, which players can join starting from level 1! The guild system provides players with various growth options and features such as dungeons, raid dungeons, conquest dungeons for co-op gameplay.

● A huge Guild vs Guild PVP battlefield will mark the pinnacle battle for supremacy. On the map, guilds must collect resources and disrupt the enemies from doing so. There are guild buffs, summoning siege machines and more to destroy the opponent’s guardian stone! This is designated as the current end-game content.

● Interestingly, developer ThinkFun will operate the South Korea server to make sure changes and issues are implemented quickly. So I guess “publisher” Joy City will most likely be focused on a possible global version.

● Despite being crafted by Unreal Engine 4, Bless Mobile “has been optimized so that it works well on iPhone 6S, Galaxy Note 5 and above.” On a Galaxy 6S, the game can still be running on 30 FPS with a 5-player team.

● The development team claims that they are preparing for the PC version once the mobile version is “stabalized.”

● There is a global launch plan, but it will only be after the local Korean version has started running smoothly with no issues.

● Since Bless Mobile is a non-target action MMORPG, there are 2 separate options for auto-hunting and auto-targeting.

● There is currently no plan for an equipment gacha, just for pets. Players can upgrade their weapons through synthesis and growth.